Helping businesses to be Competitive in the New Economy

We are the best retail trade agency in the US, we want to guide your business to enter into new markets, promote the use of best practices and make your brand stand out in the offline and online world. We want to help you embrace innovation in your industry in the digital age, and most importantly, empower your people to create a sustainable and strong business in the new economy.

Our services

We believe it’s about strategy, people, processes, and culture that drive business profitability and nourishing the world sustainably. We help you create the right team, get the right leaders – who can inspire others — and achieve the golden rule “the right product, the right people, at the right place, the right time, at the right price”. We work both start-up and established companies to ensure success for products can make a difference with a powerful team in the current market.

Here is how we do it.

Corporate Training

We design and facilitate custom educational programs that meet organizational goals. Our approach uses a learning strategy that combines content, context, and emotion for high-impact learning. Our courses face-to- face and e*learning (animated videos) can improve organizational productivity and achieve change. 
We go beyond training by recruiting and selecting the right people and developing their skills. We build a culture management platform to empower perspectives and shifting mindsets. 

Business Consulting

We take the art of brainstorming and engagement to a new level. From helping define your business purpose and long-term goals, to developing flexible strategic plans that help you grow and transform your organization.  We conduct diagnostic from corporate culture, operational effectiveness and quality control to ensure accountability, and improve business performance. We encourage the use of standards procedures, best practices and talent management to increase sales growth and close the gap between current to desire state.

Trade Marketing

We provide you with everything you would expect from a full-service trade marketing firm from developing an intercultural brand, define positioning, a research-based strategy and implementation plan.
We promote international activities and connections among companies, from helping to create it. advising about requirements, and start operating with the right people and tech. We coordinate commercial missions, enhance brand awareness in trade shows and help you expand your business consistently and smart.  

People is at the core of it all

The era of product-centric is giving way to one in which market leaders apply a more strategic, more targeted, more localized approach to communicating a value proposition to their customers.

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to guide and transform your business.

In the digital economy, customers are changing the way they shop “New Path to Purchase,” competition known as coo-petition is disrupting business models, and information technology is making us think differently about data. We can use business intelligence to analyze, artificial intelligence to use logic and innovation to define the value proposition.

Our team can help you adapt to the new economy “4th Industrial Revolution” and how to be relevant in the marketplace. The multichannel is a threat to retail businesses; now, stores are showrooming, so to survive, the retailers need to transform and understand how the online and offline channels work together. 

Businesses can take advantage of the democratization of technologies that give them access to third-party providers to automatize processes and enter into the digital economy.

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