“Green business, increasingly, is a big business. Whether driven by market expectations, climate change, shifting regulations, or simply a commitment to do the right thing, green business has moved rapidly from the periphery to the mainstream and holds promise for businesses of every size in every sector.”

Gil Friend

President and CEO of Natural Logic.

Our practice areas


We want to impact small businesses and local communities with sustainable practices by providing customized ESG consulting and training solutions to enterprises.

Our goal is to boost your bottom line while reducing your carbon footprint. 

sustainable strategy

Small businesses are better positioned to develop and execute a sustainable strategy. They are more agile and able to respond to changing market conditions quickly. From ecopreneurs to social entrepreneurs solving problems and achieving sustainable development goals. We can help your team define the impact you can make with a business purpose, objectives, prioritize actions and build a culture of sustainability and develop a business model in the circular economy.


In the past social initiative were moved by anyone with a social conscience and the desire to help others. Today is the motivation of creators that wants to change the world positively. Problems challenge innovators and people motivated by their personal passions, informed by their deep understanding of local realities and looking for solutions. For some companies is part of their Corporate Social Responsibility to address community problems. We want to help both social-preneurs to identify opportunities, and small business to achieve CSR objectives.


Businesses need profit to fuel growth and to pay for capital to have a return on investment. But having an environmental performance is critical for any business these days. Reducing energy cost, waste consumption, carbon emissions, and the centralization and automatization of data can reduce the budget by detecting errors, identifying saving actions, and reducing waste. So, a green business can help save the planet but also can increase profitability, energize employees and build a better brand. Our approach provides a framework to focus investment and drive performance.


Good governance is vital for the success of any business yet the most appropriate form of a governing entity will vary depending on the unique character and stage of the business. Early on in the growth and development of a business, governance responsibilities may reside with the owners-managers, a small group of trusted advisors or other members. Boards of directors and the organization need to address the climate change issue and work on how to create a sustainable advantage and value proposition and diversity, equality, and inclusion strategy. We can help your organization to transition on this path with change management practices and purpose-driven leadership.

Founder and CEO

Karina Pimentel

Bachelor in Business Administration with an MBA in Strategic Marketing. As a project leader has professional experience in ESG; leading the initiative Eco*Tourism and Eco*Commerce in the Americas. As a minority business (Hispanic woman) supports non-profit organizations; as consultant, speaker and jury in entrepreneurship competition “NFTE South Florida Entrepreneurship Challenge”; and supports value chain collaboration projects and digital transformation in world class companies. To complete work experience participated in a Sustainable Cities educational with the Iberoamerican Develop Bank and Digital Business at Columbia Business School.


Green advisor


Industrial Engineer, MBA in Business Management. Thesis on Leed Energy Audit in Shell Venezuela (2009), with IAC methodology (USA).

Extensive commercial experience in large chain stores in Venezuela and Ecuador, selecting suppliers and products that meet the best practices, as well as evaluating international market trends ESG matters applicable to different product categories.

CSR Advisor

Samantha Reyes

Dynamic, creative professional with 15+ years of experience in the advancement of corporate social responsibility. Developed a highly strategic approach to design, development, and delivery of social/economic improvement programs. A passionate advocate on behalf of disadvantaged communities, leverage my expertise in communications, marketing, and public relations to increase awareness and gain support for charities, organizations and the populations they serve.


Green supermarket - recycle bags initiative

Bag Compostable Analysis

Sustainable educational training

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Businesses need to understand that greening is a journey, not a destination. 

We want to be your partner in your sustainability path.

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