We want to transform your organization with professional training

Companies must evolve to stay relevant and competitive. They need a path to growth, and for that, organizations must break out old habits.
We have developed a methodology to built strong cultures but flexible enough to adapt to changes and promote innovation. Starting with the revision of vision and values, that is the DNA of the company. Then, we explore the staff’s believes and develop a program that can help change mindsets and transform the culture.
Our educational programs raise awareness, develop new ways of thinking “creative-visual and critical,” open eyes to new ideas, teach new techniques and best practices, or help entrepreneurs, business people, and managers develop new plans for growth.

We offer face-to-face training and e*learning using instructional videos from micro videos, tutorial videos, animated videos and live online classes using presentations and lecture with web-conferencing software.

Some of our courses are;

Excellence in Customer Service

Biosecurity Management

Retail Best Practices

Digital Transformation

We want to boost your Business
with High-Impact learning

Because learning can give you the tools to be successful, we invite retail and trade companies that want to evolve, learn, and change.
Our challenge is to engage your staff members in the process of learning and transformation; yours is to make it work in the organization, make better business decisions, and measure the impact.
We can be your companion in the process, with mentoring and coaching, from training needs assessment to curriculum design and facilitation.

Let's talk about what's happening in your company, your plans for international expansion, and for meeting global competitors. There are great opportunities and challenges. How does your company define the future?.

For International Companies

We can organize your Bilingual Commercial Mission “InnoTours”. We offer guided visits to stores, distributors, e*commerce fulfillment center, with a maximum of two days of “classroom” style work, to understand the behind-the-scenes management. The program will expose participants to companies during visits.

Training metrics

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Karina Pimentel Picture

Karina Pimentel
Founder of Comercio Competitivo

Our Team

Learning and teaching is our passion. For more than 20 years, we have developed techniques for high-impact learning. 

After earning her MBA from University of Dallas, Karina certified in Sales and Customer Service Essentials by Dale Carnegie, Digital Strategies for Business by Columbia Business School, and FSPCA “Food Safety and Health Preventive Control for Human Food¬® by Institute for Food Safety and Technology.

Depending on your requirements, we count on a network of corporate trainers in different cities in the US and South America.

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